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PB Crunch

Strain category

Fuel, Earth, Spicy, Pungent, Skunk

Peanut Butter Breath x Mr. Stinky

Top Terpenes
Limonene, β-Caryophyllene, Myrcene

Flavor & Aroma
Offensive GMO-type smell, acrid and earthy


A favorite creation from Ohio native, made famous in Michigan, Thug Pug Genetics. The infamous “Gromer” made a name for himself with his earlier creations like “meatbreath” which had some of the best cookies type bag appeal. Dark black and purped out leaves caked with frost.


The nice thing about this Do-Si-Dos, Mendobreath, Death Valley and Cherry Breath cross is that it doesn’t resemble the sweet cake-like aroma that you might expect when looking into some old school cookies selections. Instead, this pheno is rank and offensive. Similar to garlic cookies. Expect out of this world bag appeal, intense levels of frost, pungent aroma with a smooth creamy smoke.


Full Lineage:

Peanut Butter Breath (Do-Si-Dos x Mendo Breath F2)
Mr. Stinky (Death Valley x Cherry Breath)



Thug Pug Genetics

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