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The Goods


All the flavor you could possibly want, with nothing you don’t. Just pure live resin in a convenient, instant format.







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live resin

Made for those moments that you want to savor, our live resin is available in budder, sauce, diamonds and a variety of other textures to cater to your experience.



Made using cured plant material, we offer all the classics, created with Superflux levels of attention.

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We started from seed and selected only the best and most unique strains. We know you’ll love them as much as we do.







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Infused Pre-Rolls

Upgrade your flavor experience with Live Resin diamond infused pre-rolls! Get the best of both worlds – higher concentrations of THC and your favorite cannabis strains in one product.


Superflux Diamond Pre-Rolls are made using a blend of our ultra premium THCA diamonds, live resin terpenes, and premium flower to create an array of unique blends and single-strain selections for the perfect personal session.

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Superflux’s strain inventory is born out of direct interaction with the plants’ unique qualities—leaf shape, flower size, genetic traits, smell, trichomes—and the volumes of data that catalog every statistic—cannabinoid content, terpenes, levels of purity.

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About Us

Honor Tradition
Shatter Expectations

Superflux is the next generation of cannabis—the flux, an experience to awaken your senses and shatter your expectations. We exist to champion tradition—by honoring the craft of cannabis, the process, the passion—and create next-level cannabis flavor and sophistication for those curious to taste the future.

About Us

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Now available in Illinois, Ohio, Massachusetts and New Jersey

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