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What is Superflux?
Superflux is for anyone curious to find the next level of flavor and sophistication in the craft of cannabis. Because nature moves at its own pace, we believe in taking the time to produce the best we can, not the most we can.


In honor of the ever-evolving craftmanship of cannabis, Superflux provides a curated selection of strains and extracts combined with new and exclusive collaborations.



Where can I buy Superflux products?
Superflux products are currently sold in select Illinois state-licensed dispensaries.


To find Superflux at a store near you, visit our Find Us page. Keep checking back and sign up for our newsletter to get the latest news as we expand to additional states.



Can I carry Superflux in my store?
Currently, Superflux can only be sold to licensed dispensaries within the state of Illinois.


If you are a licensed dispensary and would like to carry Superflux in your state, please send us a message by visiting our contact us page and we will be in touch.



What is live resin?
Live resin is both a cannabis extraction process and a type of concentrate. The finest plants are harvested at their aromatic peak and placed into freezers immediately after harvest. The fresh-frozen plants are then extracted at cryogenic temperatures using hydrocarbon solvents (n-butane). This helps to preserve the volatile terpenes that are not only crucial for aroma and flavor but also create the unique qualities that make strains different from one another.



Why live resin?
When cannabis is dried, many terpenes evaporate or otherwise degrade, resulting in vastly different aroma and flavor profiles, and effects compared to living plants. By catching these plants at their aromatic peak and preserving the delicate compounds throughout the extraction process, we can share the true aroma of the plants as they existed when they were thriving and deliver a distinct experience from concentrate to concentrate.