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Cherry Lemon Gusher

Strain category

Floral, Citrus, Sweet

cherry lcg x (lemonade gushers x purple zkittlez)

Top Terpenes
limonene, β-caryophyllene, myrcene, linalool

Flavor & Aroma
Light and soft with floral, citrus, and berry notes

New Jersey

Bred and selected in-house, our Cherry Lemon Gusher brings together a special cherry-scented Lemon Cherry Gelato, Lemonade Gushers, and Purple Zkittlez. The dense, almost entirely purple flower lives up to its namesake, delivering a soft, floral, citrus-berry aroma, with a rich coating of trichomes on all surfaces.


The flavor is similar to the aroma, tasting a bit like a raspberry mimosa, harmoniously blending sweet, floral, and red fruit flavors. While this may be best suited for a quiet evening choice for most users, it is generally light and friendly enough for going out and socializing with friends.

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