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We are excited to announce our entrance into the Massachusetts cannabis market, as we officially launched this morning in two of The Botanist locations (Shrewsbury & Worcester). With this recent launch, we have officially arrived on the East Coast. Our goal is to introduce Mass to the next wave of quality concentrates.


Our love for the craft of creating products with next-level flavor and sophistication has been flourishing in our debut market place of Illinois, and continues to flourish in Ohio where we launched in August. We plan to expand quickly throughout Massachusetts, so be sure to check our FIND US page to see where you can find Superflux products.


To celebrate the arrival, we have created some very special products that combine the aromas and flavors some of our favorite strains. We have found that intentional blending of certain strains can really bring out their unique qualities—think of it like a “Vintner’s Blend”—our extraction team has crafted these especially for Massachusetts to highlight the diversity of flavors in cannabis.


Superflux literally means “a superabundance”—in this case, we wanted to create concentrates and vapes that are exploding with flavor and unique to the market. Here are some details about the launch products:


live concentrates

Punch Pop Live Badder (blend of Punch Cookies and LA Pop Rockz) – sweet and gassy, these are two of our absolute favorite plants in the garden, together at last.

Pineapple Orange Mojito Live Badder (blend of Orange Mojito and Super Pineapple Chunk) – this Myrcene-dominant concentrate is a true explosion of complex fruit flavor.

Durban Pop Rockz Live Badder (blend of Durban Margy and LA Pop Rockz) – a melange of sharp, gassy Limonene and tangy, sweet Terpinolene make a wonderful pairing in this extract that is absolutely oozing terps.


live vape
Sundae Driver BX (Sundae Driver x Biscotti Sundae) – a new spin on the Cannarado classic, this single-source vape highlights the sweet fruit flavors and the rich, gassy undertones of this genetic in its purest form.

Grape Shortbread (blend of Grape Guava and Lemon Shortbread) – it’s like vaping a fruit basket. Trust us.


Lemon Pop Rockz (blend of Lemon Lights and LA Pop Rockz) – Lemon G, Haze, and OG Kush are some of our favorite flavors and this blend is no exception.

Look at the terp-glisten on this one!

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