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Sundae Sunset

Strain category

Fruit, Gas, Earthy

Sunset Sherbert x Sundae Driver

Cannarado Genetics

Sensory Group
N2 - Sweet/Gas - Moderate Indica

Dominant Terpenes
Limonene, Beta-Caryophyllene, Myrcene

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The much-beloved Sunset Sherbert is the base for this Cannarado hybrid, utilizing his chosen Sundae Driver pheno as a perfect breeding partner. The Sundae Driver bulked up the Sherbert to a major degree, resulting in larger flowers and even more trichome coverage as well as a range of deep purple-blue colors. The aroma is a wonderful combination of fruity, berry-forward sweetness and rich, earthy gas. Expect a classic Indica-type effect, with deep relaxation and just enough mental uplift to keep things moving.


Full Lineage:

Sunset Sherbert (Girl Scout Cookies x PP)


Sundae Driver (Fruity Pebbles OG x Grape Pie)


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