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Purple Lindica

Strain category

Sweet, Fruit, Floral, Citrus

Purple Linda x Northern Lights Haze (NL Pheno)

Bred In-House

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In our quest for the perfect Purple, we came across a very special plant we called simply “Purple Stuff” — she forms the basis for this plant and her traits have carried through 3 generations, including her tendency to create purple trichome heads. This special trait along with the sugary sweet raspberry-lemonade powder aroma has been reinvigorated with our Northern Lights Haze. Using a very NL-leaning male, we tried to keep the Purple roots intact while upping the flower size and potency.


Velvety and sugary with a high note of tangy citrus, the terpene profile is just as engaging as the mottled magenta and deep green appearance. The effect is more on the relaxing side but far from sleepy, with just the right amount of Sativa-leaning Haze influence on both sides of the lineage to keep it interesting.


Full Lineage:

Purple Linda (Purple Stuff x Tom Hill’s Haze)


Northern Lights Haze – NL Pheno (Northern Lights #5 x Haze)

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