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Margy Dog

Strain category

Gas, Citrus, Earthy

Chemdog D x Frozen Margy

Cannarado Genetics

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From Cannarado Genetics, Margy Dog starts with one of cannabis’ great base plants, the Chemdog D. Adding vigor and (somehow) even more trichomes is the Frozen Margy, which is named for its massive trichomes that resemble grains of salt on a margarita glass. The Margy itself already contains Chem D (as well as OG and Sour Dubble), making this an obvious choice for those who adore the Chem’s unique acrid gassy funk and sledgehammer effect. Expect a very potent effect which can be sleepy at times, but mostly serves to heavily relax and elevate mood.


Full Lineage:

Chemdog D (legendary clone-only)


Frozen Margy (Chemdog D x [Sour Dubble x Fire OG x Lemon Headband])

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