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House Margy

Strain category

Gas, Sweet, Earthy

Girl Scout Cookies "Forum Cut" x Frozen Margy

Cannarado Genetics

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The strain that launched an empire, GSC (aka Cookies) is famous for its dense, super frosty purple-tinged flowers and its chocolate-mint-gas aroma and flavor. To make it even bigger and frostier, Cannarado Genetics utilized its Frozen Margy, known for its gigantic trichome heads and sweet lime-fuel scent and House Margy is the result. Incredibly dense and dusted with trichomes, the flowers express an earthy-sweet aroma with a background of lingering fuel.


Like its Cookies lineage suggests, House Margy is uplifting and social but thoroughly relaxing, making it a great choice for hanging out with friends or active/stationary activities like video games.


Full Lineage:

Girl Scout Cookies “Forum Cut” (F1 Durban x Florida OG Kush aka Triangle Kush)


Frozen Margy (Chemdog D x [Sour Dubble x Fire OG x Lemon Headband])

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