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Durban Chem

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Sweet, Spice, Citrus, Gas

Durban Poison x I-95

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One of our favorite plants in the world, the East Coast Panama Chunk (aka “ECPC”) is coated in velvety trichomes and makes large purple-tinged flowers that reek of tropical terpenes. Though it has hybrid roots, the selected plant has a soaring, energetic Sativa effect. To enhance this further, we crossed it with Northern Lights #5 x Haze, another very special Sativa hybrid.


The result is a wonderful blend of both parents, showcasing some of the structure and color of the ECPC but taking a lot of the sweeter Haze flavor from the NL #5 Haze. Panamaurora Haze provides major mental uplift but also has a substantial Indica body base, making it a great choice for those who want a traditional Sativa effect but benefit from body relaxation.


Full Lineage:

Durban Poison (African Landrace x Skunk #1)


I-95 (Triangle Kush x [Legend OG x StarDawg IX2])

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