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Dawg Daze

Strain category

Fruit, Gas, Woody

Star Dawg x Highwayman

Bred In-House

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Star Dawg is one of our favorite breeding plants because it has a unique complex fuel-spice profile and produces big, full flowers with minimal leaf. Highwayman is a Sativa-leaning line we often use for its incredible trichome coverage, but it also seems to balance out the effect of anything it touches. Dawg Daze feels like a true hybrid, getting a strong base of relaxation from the Star Dawg but an uplifted mental state thanks to the Highwayman. Notes of fruit, pine, and fuel blend harmoniously in this versatile choice.


Full Lineage:

Stardawg (Chemdog #4 x Tres Dawg)


Highwayman (Williams Wonder x Tang Tang)

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